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Even More Portal 2 Videos

Valve has released a couple more Portal 2 gameplay videos driving my anticipation for this game even higher. And now the horrible waiting period is about to begin.

Aerial Faith Plate

YouTube Preview Image

Excursion Funnel

YouTube Preview Image
ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

New Portal 2 Video

I am incredibly excited for the new Portal game, and it looks like Valve is going to continue it’s trend of teasing us mercilessly with sneak previews.

Valve removed the original video from Youtube because the voice actor changed, fortunately I’m OCD about keeping copies of things =D Updated video and explanations here:

Meet Wheatley

http://www.amused-geeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Meet Wheatley.mp4
ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

Soldier and Demo High-five Taunt in TF2

Tf2 Demo soldier high five
Someone over at the TF2 Steam Forums has found some interesting new demoman and soldier taunts of the demoman and soldier high-fiving that Valve seems to have added to the game at some point. Maybe some reconciliation in the works after the war update?

Seems the taunt is called “taunt_hifiveSuccess” and assumptions and theories abound, including that the new taunts will be for assists or for a new game mode.

Dunno what it is, but it should be interesting. =)

Tf2 Demo soldier high five

Tf2 Demo soldier high five

Tf2 Demo soldier high five

YouTube Preview Image


Gabe Newell puppetmaster demo soldier war update tf2

Lego Left4Dead

Someone went and made Legos of Valve‘s Left4Dead. Pretty well done.