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The Goon – Movie Trailers

So apparently they are making a CG movie based on The Goon comics by Eric Powell that Dark Horse publishes.

The movie is being produced by Blur Studio, produced by David Fincher and written by Eric Powell. Clancy Brown will voice The Goon and Paul Giamatti will be Franky. Most of those names mean nothing to me, but perhaps they mean something to you.

I have actually never been a fan of the comic (not that I dislike it, just never read it), but the movie looks great. Might give the comic a try. Anyway there’s been a couple of teaser trailers released, and they are awesome, so give them a look.



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Captain America Trailer

This doesn’t look nearly as horrible as I thought it might be.

Trailer for the new Marvel Comics Captain America movie.


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Pearls Before Swine author’s blog

I read a ton of webcomics, and I’ve just found that one of the funniest things about them… is a blog written by one of the artists.

Stephen Pastis, the guy who writes Pearls Before Swine, writes a blog which, at the risk of being a offhanded compliment, is actually funnier than his comic.

An example:

The Secret of a Long Marriage
August 29, 2009

Saw a sweet-looking old married couple in the grocery store.  Both of them looked to be in their eighties.

Every time I see couple that old, I stop and stare, amazed that two people can stay together that long.  I’m always curious as to their secret of marriage longevity, and wonder whether it would help in my marriage with Staci.  In this particular case, I could hear them talking.

“Should we get milk?” asked the old man.

“We have milk,” she said.

“More milk,” he said.

“We don’t live in the woods,” she said, “We can come back and get milk whenever we want.”

“Shut your mouth,” he replied, “Shut your mouth.”

I’ll have to try that line on Staci.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

8/29 UPDATE:

Experiment not going well.

Another recent favorite:

And his blog’s top page: