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Youtube Animation Trawling

Amongst all of the video blog, ranting, raving, political, bumfight advertisement BS Youtube still has a lot of really neat stuff to offer, and like Wikipedia and a bunch of other sites, finding one interesting thing usually leads to hours of lost productivity finding more and more related, interesting things in an out of control, link clicking spiral into hell and unemployment.

Here’s a few animations I’ve found on my latest procrastination spree. Most vids after the jump. Some of these feature some violence/gore, so if that bothers you, you might want to skip these.

The Backwater Gospel

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Skyrim: Dragon Hunt – Elder Scrolls Skyrim Fan Movie

Pretty neat live-action/CG fan movie for Elder Scrolls Skyrim by Bethesda (Which I’m not actually terribly interested in, could never get into oblivion, but the video is neat).


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World Building

One of my many hobbies is playing pen and paper role playing games, but even more than that, I like to run them. Periodically I wind up filling in for one of our groups regular GM’s (DM if you prefer).

Now for those of you who have never run a game, let me tell you a little secret. It’s a lot of work. First you have to come up with a plot and various hooks to entice the characters. Then you need to flesh out the story, build NPC’s and equip them, and of course, build the world. This is by far the hardest part. Of course, you can always use a preset campaign setting, such as the Forgotten Realms, or Dragonlance, but I find those to be way too limiting. Besides, every player you have has probably read at least some of the tied in novels, giving them a rather unseemly advantage.

I’ll admit that world building is always the part I have the most difficulty with. Specifically, the map making. My first campaign was an unmitigated disaster when I wound up creating much of the world as I went along, making a completely nonsensical mind boggling confusing planet. Granted I was 8, but that lesson stuck with me for most of my GMing career. Of my more current campaigns, 3 of the 4 currently have used preset maps and to some extent worlds.
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