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TF2 Adds Replay Feature

TF2 had another one of their great free updates (http://www.teamfortress.com/replayupdate/) with tons more hats for me to lust after clearing out much of the stocked up refined metal in the TF2 economy with a newly added bonus for early crafters where they get a numbered version of the item if they are one of the first 100 to craft it (the item is still numbered in backpack viewers and such even if it is crafted after the first 100, but only 1-100 show up in game apparently, I got 4 really terrible hats attempting it some random crafts :( ).

Valve also added a “Replay” feature where players can receive a demo of their last life from the server.

It’s a neat feature overall. Seems like it basically uses the old Source TV system and constantly records a demo on the server and players can then receive a snippet of these server-side demos for their last life (or seemingly the last life up to the point they pushed the replay key).

Unfortunately a lot of game service providers don’t allow or charge extra for the feature, and it’s lag-inducing on a lot of the servers it is on (Problems with Linux in particular as noted here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1875130).

Played around with it a bit and it takes awhile to convert the videos at full settings (on an i7 950 3.2 ghz with 12gb ram on Win 7 64 bit). A 4 minute or so video I just left running overnight when I went to bed.

Also in typically evil promotional Valve fashion, they have an event tied to the whole thing to promote the new feature. The Saxxy Awards, where players can submit videos in various categories for a pseudo Academy Awards type of thing.

Here’s a few samples.

This is a 2-3 year old video made using the old system and trying to prevent insane processing times etc. Fairly horrible quality.

Then the much nicer and smoother looking results of the new Replay feature.

Short farting about as Huntsmen sniper on CP_Fastlane video.

Somewhat longer (4 minutes) video playing demo on PL_Thundermountain (this was the one it took overnight to convert).

And my crowning achievements and possible submissions for the Saxxy Awards Failure category.


ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

Sesame street : The trading game, Remind you of something?


Of course, if it was really tf2 trading the female muppet would have asked for 4 scarves for the rag and oscar would have tried to scam her.


ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

TF2 Dancing

I’ve been keeping tabs on a fellow named James Benson after some little parody skits he did with the TF2 characters dancing. Here’s the completed video.


TF2 Engineer Update Brings Golden Wrench Drama

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 is in the middle of their Engineer Update, their 9th class update since the game was released back in 2007 and as part of the update they have been giving out 100 golden wrenches supposedly given at random when people craft other items.
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Soldier and Demo High-five Taunt in TF2

Tf2 Demo soldier high five
Someone over at the TF2 Steam Forums has found some interesting new demoman and soldier taunts of the demoman and soldier high-fiving that Valve seems to have added to the game at some point. Maybe some reconciliation in the works after the war update?

Seems the taunt is called “taunt_hifiveSuccess” and assumptions and theories abound, including that the new taunts will be for assists or for a new game mode.

Dunno what it is, but it should be interesting. =)

Tf2 Demo soldier high five

Tf2 Demo soldier high five

Tf2 Demo soldier high five



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