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All Systems Online and Functional

All systems online and functional!

Greetings citizens! Welcome to the Amused-geeks newsfeed!

You will find information on various pastimes, events and news which are commonly referred to as “Geek” interests.

From Star Wars and Star Trek to gaming and electronics, anything that might be of interest to you, the unwashed masses.

We are also looking for contributors! At present, this site makes no money, in fact, it just costs money. This website is, at present, negatively profitable, to put it positively.

However, it may eventually, at some point, hopefully, actually turn a profit and become a viable source of income, in which case regular contributors can share in the proceeds (after expenses of course, this is afterall, a dictatorship).

In the meantime, if you are knowledgeable or “in the loop” about any of the various content fields appropriate for this site and would like to contribute stories, etc., contact me via the comments (I’ll eventually put up a contact form). Assuming you leave an actual E-mail address, I can see it, but no one else can, so I can contact you via E-mail.

At present, the only recompense for any such contributions will be the warm fuzzy feeling you gain from dispersing knowledge to the otherwise ignorant and uneducated who will be viewing the site.

ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!