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Even More Portal 2 Videos

Valve has released a couple more Portal 2 gameplay videos driving my anticipation for this game even higher. And now the horrible waiting period is about to begin.

Aerial Faith Plate


Excursion Funnel


ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

New Portal 2 Video

I am incredibly excited for the new Portal game, and it looks like Valve is going to continue it’s trend of teasing us mercilessly with sneak previews.

Valve removed the original video from Youtube because the voice actor changed, fortunately I’m OCD about keeping copies of things =D Updated video and explanations here:

Meet Wheatley

[flv] Wheatley.mp4[/flv]

ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

HD Remixing has me worried

HD Remixing has me worried.

Given the way market trends in games have been, I’m expecting a huge increase in titles remade in HD, which means I will be buying the same game for potentially third time.

Here is a breakdown of my reasoning, based on a couple of previous trends:

Trend: Popular games remade for portable systems.

Result: Half of the systems released titles wind up being rehashed games with often little difference or benefit from the original. And they’re sold at full price.

Trend: DLC made to expand popular games.

Result: Wind up buying the first half of the game for $50, and the second half in $10 segments.

Once HD Remixing proves popular (and it pretty much already has), companies will be rooting through their old games for anything that might be remotely worth redoing in HD. And then they will release it and sell it at full price again.

Perhaps the worst part of it is that I know I’m part of the problem. With the possibility of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus being redone in HD, I know  I’m going to be lined up there, giving them a reason to keep doing this type of thing. And while I feel that there are games that will benefit from the HD treatment, there are plenty that won’t.

Greetings Plebeians

After my long, unintentional sabbatical, I have returned to grace you with my infinite knowledge and wisdom. Rejoice.