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Pete Holmes Ex-Men Series

Ex-Men: Gambit



Ex-Men: Iceman



Ex-Men: Cyclops



Ex-Men: Rogue



Ex-Men: Storm



Ex-Men: Nightcrawler



Ex-Men: Wolverine



Ex-Men: Angel



Ex-Men: Jubilee



Ex-Men: Cyclops Outtakes



Ex-Men: Gambit Outtakes



Ex-Men: Nightcrawler Outtakes



Ex-Men: Wolverine Outtakes


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Pete Holmes College Humor Batman Videos

On the off chance there’s anyone who hasn’t seen these, comedian Pete Holmes’ Batman skits from College Humor.

In no particular order:

Batman vs. The Penguin (with Patton Oswalt)



Batman Vs. Superman



Batman Blows His Cover



Batman Meets Two-Face



Batman Chooses His Voice



Batman Meets the Riddler



Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex



Batman Says His Goodbyes



Batman vs. The Scarecrow



Batman Interrogation



Batman Vanishing



Good Will Batman (Explicit Version)




Annnd bonus, outtakes:

Batman: The Outtakes


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Pretty neat Javascript app that lets you create and save some neat looking designs.


Probably spent entirely too much time playing with it, but its pretty addictive.

Great Game Deals 2013-3-20 – Amazing Bioshock Preorder Offer on Amazon

Amazon has an amazing deal on its Bioshock Infinite Preorder

Amazon’s Bioshock Infinite Preorder deal: $59.99

  • $30 worth of 2K Games credit upon release March 26 (Can be used towards borderlands 2)
  • ioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt for Kindle
  • “Industrial Revolution Pack”
    (includes three gear items, 500 bonus in-game currency, five lock picks as well as the Industrial Revolution puzzle game)


Not listed on the Amazon page yet but They added it their marketing manager just said the preorder will include a coupon for a free copy of X-com Enemy Unknown.

Amazon Marketing Manager


FYI we have added XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the Amazon Bioshock Infinite Pre-order offer (Digital). Customers who pre-order Bioshock Infinite will get: A credit good towards the full price of XCOM, usable only on XCOM, in addition to the $30 credit towards more 2K games, when the game launches.

I’m fairly certain that this makes our offer the most compelling in the channel.

Cheers, Tony

Pretty insane.