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Portal: No Escape Fan Film

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

Pretty well done and interesting Portal video. Somewhat old, but apparently I never posted it, so here we go =)

Starring Danielle Rayne, who apparently “Holds a machine gun permit to operate an M-16 with the Dept. of Justice for the state of California.”

Portal: No Escape

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ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

Insane Portal 2 Tricks and Easter Egg

Don’t watch either of these videos if you haven’t played Portal 2 single player yet.

Some crazy trick throws and stuff in Portal 2. Apparently done on a 360 no less, I can’t imagine playing the game with a 360 pad let alone pulling off stuff like this O.o


And a neat easter egg which I didn’t notice in Portal 2 and a way to get a bit of a closer view =)


ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

New Portal 2 Coop trailer

Not sure of the source, but a new trailer for the coop gameplay that’s going to be in Portal 2. Looks like fun.


Portal 2: Wheatley Gets a New Voice, Old Video Disappears

So Valve has decided on an actor for the robot Wheatley for Portal 2. Turns out the person doing the voice in the original video was a Valve employee, so they have made a new video with Stephen Merchant doing the Wheatley Voice. Unfortunately they also deleted the original version of the video (originally posted here:

I personally prefer the new voice, but there seem to be a number of people who liked the old voice. Since I tend to keep copies of everything, here’s both so you can decide for yourself.

Wheatley Update


Meet Wheatley – Original Voice

[flv] Wheatley.mp4[/flv]

Portal 2 Pneumatic Diversity Vent and other videos

Hey look, I actually posted something!

More Portal 2 vids from Valve. Games looks really neat, lots of new toys, a portal gun that sucks things into the portal, taking the companion cube with you, my only problem is I worry I might be terrible at this game if the platforming gets too intense =D

Pneumatic Diversity Vent


Thermal Discouragement Beam


Propulsion Gel


Older but still worth a look:

Portal is Free (Well, it was – now it’s just a good deal).


Portal 2 Teaser Trailer