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Great Game Deals 2013-3-20 – Amazing Bioshock Preorder Offer on Amazon

Amazon has an amazing deal on its Bioshock Infinite Preorder

Amazon’s Bioshock Infinite Preorder deal: $59.99

  • $30 worth of 2K Games credit upon release March 26 (Can be used towards borderlands 2)
  • ioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt for Kindle
  • “Industrial Revolution Pack”
    (includes three gear items, 500 bonus in-game currency, five lock picks as well as the Industrial Revolution puzzle game)


Not listed on the Amazon page yet but They added it their marketing manager just said the preorder will include a coupon for a free copy of X-com Enemy Unknown.

Amazon Marketing Manager


FYI we have added XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the Amazon Bioshock Infinite Pre-order offer (Digital). Customers who pre-order Bioshock Infinite will get: A credit good towards the full price of XCOM, usable only on XCOM, in addition to the $30 credit towards more 2K games, when the game launches.

I’m fairly certain that this makes our offer the most compelling in the channel.

Cheers, Tony

Pretty insane.

ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

More Borderlands Videos

Some more claptrap videos for the release of the game of the year edition of Borderlands. These follow up on the ones previously posted here:



ALERT! Incoming Transmission!


Been playing a lot of borderlands lately in my spare time. Have to admit I actually like the game more than I thought I would. Online COOP is great (despite the absolutely crappy system they have implemented for it) and all the different items and stuff are great for OCD people like myself.

The game seems to me like it wasn’t finished. Towards the end in particular, you start to get a feeling things got kind of rushed and they pushed for release before they had done everything they wanted to. In addition to thelack of freezeframe/movie intros for later bosses, background music seems to disappear completely part way through the game, huge areas with nothing at all in them, digging through the audio files reveals a lot of interesting stuff that seems like it got left out or cut (including much more in depth relationships between the npcs, who otherwise just seem to all exist in limbo from one another except for when one tells you to go talk to someone else, and hints at other areas and more expansive versions of areas that already exist).

You can get at the sound files from
C:\Program Files\2K Games\Gearbox Software\Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\Packages\Audio

C:\Program Files\2K Games\Gearbox Software\Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\Packages\Audio\VO\VO_Narrative_WAV.upk
in particular had a lot of interesting stuff (including all the claptrap stuff).

You can use the oggextract program to unpack the sound files (just drag the sound file onto the oggextract.exe).

There’s also 2 videos that were apparently available before the game was released starring the claptrap. A bit of adult language, but I imagine most of you are used to it.



Had a whole bunch of other interesting stuff to say, but someone else already said it all better, so just go read this.