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Pete Holmes College Humor Batman Videos

On the off chance there’s anyone who hasn’t seen these, comedian Pete Holmes’ Batman skits from College Humor.

In no particular order:

Batman vs. The Penguin (with Patton Oswalt)



Batman Vs. Superman



Batman Blows His Cover



Batman Meets Two-Face



Batman Chooses His Voice



Batman Meets the Riddler



Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex



Batman Says His Goodbyes



Batman vs. The Scarecrow



Batman Interrogation



Batman Vanishing



Good Will Batman (Explicit Version)




Annnd bonus, outtakes:

Batman: The Outtakes


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Top 20 Embarrassing Dungeons & Dragons Moments

Remember that god awful Dungeons and Dragons movie?



They actually made 2 sequels to this thing.

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Youtube Animation Trawling

Amongst all of the video blog, ranting, raving, political, bumfight advertisement BS Youtube still has a lot of really neat stuff to offer, and like Wikipedia and a bunch of other sites, finding one interesting thing usually leads to hours of lost productivity finding more and more related, interesting things in an out of control, link clicking spiral into hell and unemployment.

Here’s a few animations I’ve found on my latest procrastination spree. Most vids after the jump. Some of these feature some violence/gore, so if that bothers you, you might want to skip these.

The Backwater Gospel

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Fun Deus Ex: Human Revolution Videos

I actually finally finished the game and will probably write up a Really Late Game Review eventually (it’s not really late yet), but in the meantime I’ve run across some fun videos.

I actually plan to replay through and just murder/be a dick to everyone I can.

Videos contain some spoiler stuff, so only watch if you have finished the game or don’t mind spoilers. Will hide the videos after the jump, click the “more” or whatever the hell it says link to view if on the main page or category pages or whatever.
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Star Wars Roundup

Being a gigantic Star Wars geek, while blindly ignoring how badly Lucas continues to defile the canon with Clone Wars (Gungans defeat Greivous in hand to hand combat?!? Really?!?!?!), and despite the Old Republic mmo news getting stupider and stupider, I tend to run across a lot of interesting Star Wars related stuff.

However, being a lazy bastard, I never seem to actually get around to posting any of it.

So here’s a big batch of stuff I’ve found all in one giant serving.

Let’s get the ball rolling here with a slightly gruesome one:

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