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Another Catherine Trailer

Atlus presented a second trailer at the TGS for the new Persona HD game, Catherine. While Persona has always had an emphasis on the psychology of the characters and how it applied to their interactions and the world, the new game promised to step it up a notch. Both graphically and gratuitously. And while I’ll probably still buy this (If by some miracle it makes it to NA), I will have to hold my head low with shame. Or order it online.


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Persona Team Releasing HD Game – Catherine

I’ve been a huge fan of the Persona series of late. Atlus continues to build on the series in new and interesting ways, and even the re-releases tend to be new and interesting enough to warrant purchasing. so when I heard that they were working on a new HD title loosely affiliated with the Persona series, I was very interested. Atlus was kind enough to release a trailer that was… interesting to say the least. Take a look below.

Catherine Trailer

Aside from making it more likely that I’ll buy the game online rather than in a store, this trailer shows that the new game is as likely to be as interesting as the previous ones. Providing it receives a US launch, which I find somewhat unlikely given it’s risqué content.

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