Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Funny Game Glitches

Some funny glitches from a few “recent” games.





ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

Pug Sings Batman Theme

Possibly the greatest thing ever.


The original for reference:


ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

Insane Portal 2 Tricks and Easter Egg

Don’t watch either of these videos if you haven’t played Portal 2 single player yet.

Some crazy trick throws and stuff in Portal 2. Apparently done on a 360 no less, I can’t imagine playing the game with a 360 pad let alone pulling off stuff like this O.o


And a neat easter egg which I didn’t notice in Portal 2 and a way to get a bit of a closer view =)


Walk the Dinosaur

Some fun videos poking fun at all the duckwalking so common in games.