Lots of Random Star Wars Goodness

First we have this video of a commercial from Japan in the 70’s which blatantly and badly rips off Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in order to advertise canned tuna.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Then a U.S. Department of Transportation drunk driving PSA featuring the aliens from the cantina scene:


Then there’s these awesome minimalist Star Wars prints (unfortunately sold out it seems) by oktotally on Etsy

And then these great Star Wars “amigurumi” (Japanese for quilted stuffed animals, not sure why the Japanese name is so popular) by LucyRavenscar.
The creator’s Flickr
Etsy page where they sell the patterns
and their Blogger

These great munchikinified Star Wars characters by RaquelCree

These awesome Han Solo and Greedo bookends by Gentle Giant:

And these two great little images (sources unknown, let me know if you know the ORIGINAL source so I can credit and link them)


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