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Free Magicka Glüüms Temple DLC

Free Magicka DLC being given away by the developer.


Well, mostly free, I assume you are trading them spamming your email for the DLC, but no money required at least =)

ALERT! Urgent incoming messages from the corporate alliance!

Top 20 Embarrassing Dungeons & Dragons Moments

Remember that god awful Dungeons and Dragons movie?



They actually made 2 sequels to this thing.

ALERT! Incoming Transmission!

Great Game Deals – 2013-1-2

More Amazon sales.
Kingdoms of Amalur and all DLC $14.99 (Only $10 if you have an editors choice 5 dollar discount from buying stuff earlier in the year). Activates on Origin (NOT STEAM)

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean $7.50

Great Game Deals 2012-12-29 – X-Com Enemy Unknown $17.50 on GMG, Steam Redeemable

On sale at 50% off then use their discount code for more off.


Use my or anyone else’s affiliate link if you don’t already have a GMG account to create an account for another 2$ credit.


Great Game Deals – 2012-12-24

Scribblenauts is super cheap on Amazon at the moment, 75% off at $7.49. Bought it myself and have verified it activates on steam.


Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition 64% off $14.99

(activates on steam)


LEGO Lord of the Rings 75% off $7.49

(doesn’t activate on steam as far as I know)